Our Story

Founded in the best stories of our time, Blue Fox Willow was born from a desire to bring to life the imaginations of the likes of Tolkien, Jordan, Rowling and Lewis. Through our products and designs, we hope to breathe even greater life into the literature that shapes us from childhood to old age.

We first opened our doors in the fall of 2011 after leaving the city to live in a tiny one room cabin on the Duchesne River. Giving up many conventional comforts such as plumbing and a kitchen, we essentially camped for the first 6 months after the move until we were able to make repairs in the spring. With a 2 hour drive to work the occasional odd job, we stretched every last penny and discovered how expensive thrift stores can be on a shoestring budget.

The first leather map created was for Kalisa’s brother that Christmas. We had no money to buy gifts with and inspired by his many adventures, we decided to make a map he could wrap his journal in. It was incredibly satisfying to see the finished product and even more fun to give. Next was a request for a Peter Pan Neverland map and after that, one for the Wheel of Time series. Having loved these books and indeed, preferring audiobooks to music while we worked, our love of the idea of leather maps has only grown with each new design.

Though we live modestly with less material possessions than we had once dreamed of, our little farm and business grows each year into something more like the quiet life we envision for our family. We have grown from a family of 2 in 2011 to a family of 18 in the fall of 2013 – Kalisa & Ben, Pree the border collie mix, Luna, Lavender and Abby the goats, 2 turkeys, 2 ducks and 8 chickens.